Tami Harrell

    My career began as a receptionist in a law firm offered to Seniors at my high school. After graduation, I continued in that position for three years while studying business administration.

    I married a “hometown” boy, and we have three (3) children, six (6) grandchildren. Through thirty-three (33) years, my husband’s career at times required relocating to areas of South Texas, the Pacific Northwest, Wyoming, Colorado, East Texas and Alabama. I was blessed with opportunities of working with many brilliant and successful attorneys, judges, paralegals and support staff, many from diverse experiences. These experiences that gave me a great appreciation for diversity and new meaning of the phrase “get in where you fit in.”

    In 2008, we returned to our home state of Louisiana, (Shreveport area). However, in 2016, everything in my life abruptly changed when my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV brain cancer and given only two (2) months to live. Suddenly and without warning nothing was as it was. It was my Southern roots (a culture in its own right), and my strong faith in God that led me, and often pushed and pulled me through the hardest period of my life.

    It is that same faith that brought me to Perkins & Associates. Three years ago, I thought I was ready to return to work. I came across an employment ad for Perkins & Associates. While downtown one afternoon, I walked in and learned “that position has been filled”.

    Nineteen (19) months later, out of the blue, the office manager called and asked if I was still interested in a position with the firm. Only one word came out of my mouth, “ABSOLUTELY!!!” Finally, after another six (6) months, I received an email from Mr. Perkins and the office manager asking me to come in the following week for an interview. My response? Absolutely!”

    I gathered my interview attire and headed out. The hard water was not “user-friendly” and left me a frizzy, lifeless mess of hair and I brought the wrong shoes. I had 20 minutes to drive 16 miles, park, walk across the street and get up to the 9th floor – nothing I could do but roll with it. While driving, I remember my prayer: “God, If this is the place where I fit in, please take control of my thoughts and my words and help me to say and do the right things here today and also please blind their eyes to my hair and my shoes. And if this is not the place that I fit in please help me to get out quickly before they notice my hair and shoes.”.

    Although I have worked in insurance defense for many years, I am new to the defense of the trucking industry . I am grateful for the opportunity to work with and learn from the attorneys at Perkins & Associates. I can say with great confidence that Mark Perkins and Adrian Stull are two of the finest gentlemen in legal profession with a true compassion to provide their clients with the best representation and defense as possible, and one that is achieved through their diligent search for truth and to provide an outcome that proves it.

    My first passion is spending time with my grandchildren. I enjoy interior design, remodeling old homes, refurbishing antique furniture. My newfound projects of epoxying table and countertops.

    My favorite song is “I Believe” by Brooks and Dunn ;

    My favorite animal is my dachshund (wheenie dog) – Charlie Brown, and my Persian/Siamese Cat, Lucy!

    My favorite quote is “this too shall pass” and my favorite book well….The Bible.