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Our mission:  aggressively carry out the interests of our clients in a manner that is just and fair; promote professionalism;  maintain a reputation of respect and integrity.

  • Mark Perkins Owner

    I am a life-long resident of Louisiana, although I have had the great honor to travel to Africa, South America and Central America for short term missions. I hope to add stamps on my passport from India, Asia and the Middle East from helping those in poverty.

    I know the cultural nuances of Louisiana, particularly North Louisiana and Northeast Texas. I can be to border of Mississippi or Central Louisiana within two hours. I can access most of East Texas within two hours. Many clients use my experience to oversee the investigation of catastrophic accidents throughout North Louisiana and Northeast Texas. If an incident were to go to litigation, I am a seasoned trial attorney who has tried more bench and jury trials in thirty years than most attorneys have in a lifetime.

    I practice law to protect the industries that move America, protect their property and assets and employ thousands of people. I mentor lawyers to do the right thing in the right way even if it is at personal cost.

    I began my career as a prosecutor. One of the most significant cases I handled was a serial rapist in which we used what was then novel scientific evidence: DNA identification. For more details click here to see my curriculum vitae.

    When I am not practicing law, I am passionate about foreign missions, addiction/depression recovery and being the best husband, father and grandfather that I can be.

    Favorite Animal: toy schnauzer (or just about any dog, except Chihuahuas)

    Favorite Quote: “If you’re going through Hell, keep going” – Winston Churchill

    Favorite sitcom: Seinfeld (but more recently Blackish)

  • Tara Hoffmann
    Tara Hoffmann Attorney

    When I went to law school, I had no clue what kind of law would appeal to me. Through a series of fortunate events, I discovered the world of civil defense and I found my niche. Although I may not look like I know the ins and outs of trucking accidents, 90% of my career has been spent talking to drivers and investigators, understanding on-board computer systems, and learning as much as possible about the nuances of commercial transportation.

    Once ‘the call’ comes into our office, we immediately respond with either onsite investigation or a case analysis – depending on the timing of the situation. After that, we go full-throttle into defending our client’s best interests until we are no longer needed with fact investigation, pleadings, discovery, mediation and negotiations, hearings, and trial. For more details see my resume.

    In my free time, I watch movies with my husband, have tickle fights with my son, and go running every chance I get.

    Favorite animal: Reindeer

    Favorite quote: “Never give up, for that is just the place and time the tide will turn.” Harriet Beecher Stowe

    Favorite sitcom: I don’t watch tv.

  • Cody Grosshart
    Cody Grosshart ATTORNEY

    I’m from Haughton, Louisiana, but I graduated from the Louisiana Math Science & Arts School in Natchitoches, Louisiana.  I then obtained my undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University graduating in 2011.

    I worked a few years as a Sous Chef at the Faculty Club. Seeing all the law students walk by, I decided to obtain a Juris Doctor as well as Graduate Degree in Comparative Law from the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State University graduating in 2016. During law school, I interned for the East Baton Rouge Family Court as well as the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal. Throughout this time, I was also an active volunteer with the Court Appointed Special Advocates program.

    I was admitted to the Louisiana Bar in October of 2016 after which I moved back to Shreveport and worked for a personal injury firm in the Shreveport office before  coming to work with Perkins and Associates, LLC at the end of 2017.

    Also admitted to practice in the United States District Court of the Western District of Louisiana. Member of  Louisiana Bar Association, the Shreveport Bar Association, the Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel, and the Defense Research Institute. For more details see my resume.

    Favorite Animal: Bald Eagle

    Favorite Quote: “Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor.” – Alexis Carrel

    Favorite Sitcom: N/A

  • John Frederickson
    John Frederickson ATTORNEY

    Although I was not born in Louisiana, I went to school in New Orleans. Shortly after law school graduation, I moved to Shreveport. I am fond of New Orleans, but Northwest Louisiana has become very special for me. Even with its proximity to larger, more urban settings, Northwest Louisiana provides many opportunities to enjoy the rich area culture in a different region of the state including recreation in a more natural and rural regional environment. Shreveport’s geographic location is a wheel hub for numerous multi-modal transportation means covering a four-state region in close proximity.

    With over forty years of legal experience and the last twenty years concentrated on civil defense litigation, I take professional pride in seeking a resolution of the potential conflicts that may arise in the transportation, construction and business enterprises. My multi-faceted experience facilitates a solution of many sub-issues that may arise. Most businesses and individuals as well seek an early and expeditious resolution of the issues they confront in order to allow them to focus on their real core missions in business, work and life.

    When I am not actively involved in legal problem resolution for clients, I enjoy hiking, water vessels and road trips between taking care of my dogs, home repairs and yard chores. I strive to maintain a genuine love and reverence for our God and Savior. I have been very blessed to have been raised by wonderful parents who instilled core values and morals.  For more details see my resume.

    Favorite Animal: Labrador Retrievers—black, chocolate and yellow

    Favorite Quote: “We believe faith and freedom must be our guiding stars, for they show us truth, they make us brave, give us hope, and leave us wiser than we were.”—Ronald Reagan.

    Favorite Sitcom: I do not watch much TV any more. I read a lot.


  • Sheila Lowery
    Sheila Lowery Office Manager

    I was born and raised in Louisiana.  I have been employed with Perkins & Associates, LLC since 2012.

    I serve as the firm’s Office/Business Manager overseeing all business/administrative and computer operations of the practice. I support the attorneys, staff and paraprofessionals with a diversity of skills and tasks so our clients get efficient, accurate and timely responses to complex legal issues.

    Accuracy and efficiency are extremely important while supervising the legal secretaries, receptionists, runners, paralegals, and law clerks. I give insight, implement processes, procedures, new technology, analyze financial reports, and organize the office operations.

    I currently live in Shreveport, La. where I received a business degree in business management. I have been married 26 years and have a 18-year daughter who has performed as vocalist at Carnegie Hall in New York and who will be attending Harding University in the Fall 2017.  I love serving as bible study coordinator in the awesome organization called BSF (Bible Study Fellowship).  In addition, I love swimming and doll-making.

    Favorite Animal: My beloved Maltese Shih-tzu – Snowflakes

    Favorite quote: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” – Jesus

    Favorite sitcom: The Cosby Show

  • Tabatha Brandly
    Tabatha Brandly Legal Assistant

    I am a Shreveport, native, born and raised. I started my career in the insurance industry in 1996 working in personal lines claims, then expanding to underwriting, working as an assistant. I enjoyed the claims environment and I thought I would never be happy doing anything else. But as life would have it, my career in personal lines ended and I was offered a position a third party administrator focusing on the defense of trucking claims. Later, the opportunity opened for me to work directly in a law office. Ironically, I became a paralegal for a small personal injury firm, but in the summer of 2017, I returned to trucking defense with the Perkins law firm. I’m truly enjoying my current role as paralegal as it suits my need to be challenged and to continue to expand my knowledge law, trucking and insurance industries.

    Away from work, I am a single mom of two sons, ages 29 and 15. Since my family lives here we spend much of our time together. We enjoy family trips, art shows, festivals and anything that brings us together for fun, but our major focus is always on our spiritual activities as it’s the core of our family bond. This is another reason that I enjoy with the Perkins firm because spiritual values are essential to the culture of the firm.

    I am currently learning Spanish as a second language and I’m an avid music lover. I enjoy running and keeping up with the latest in the fashion industry

    Favorite animal: Dalmations

    Favorite Quote: “There are three solutions to every problem: accept it, change it, or leave it. If you can’t accept it, change it. If you can’t change it, leave it”

    Favorite TV Sitcom: Blackish

  • Jeanette Ford
    Jeanette Ford Legal Assistant
  • Brenda Acuna
    Brenda Acuna Legal Assistant

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