Looking for a Rapid Response?

This section is password protected, but it may be used by permission by anyone in the trucking or insurance industries who need access to essential information from a major or catastrophic accident anywhere in the United States. We have made this information user friendly,  through the use of buttons with options and dropdown features, for truck drivers, field adjuster and even for an attorneys.

The location may be pin-dropped. Pictures can be downloaded immediately and contact information of witnesses can be preserved.

It is NOT designed to replace field adjusters, accident reconstruction experts or attorneys being on site. It is not an exhaustive checklist for a thorough investigation and preservation of evidence, but it’s mobile friendly and designed as tool for quick collection of confidential and time-sensitive data.

Lastly, this can be used by anyone and may be sent to whomever you choose. It is not a marketing tool for information to be sent to our firm. There are dropdown e-mails directed to attorneys with the Perkins firm, but you can also input another email for use by another law firm, expert or field adjuster.

Would you like access to our Rapid Response page where you can submit a Rapid Response Form to the recipients of your choosing?

If so email perkins@perkinsfirm.com then click below to access.