Louisiana is culturally diverse. For one, we used to belong to Spain, then France and there is the Napoleonic Code and the stubborn use of parishes, rather than counties.  It would be a mistake to assume that the entire State is close to New Orleans and that all of us are “Cajuns.”  Although the firm can practice in any federal district or parish of Louisiana, our clients are best served if we stay within 250 miles of Shreveport, LA located in the Northwest corner of Louisiana.

For more information about the cultural differences between North and South Louisiana, click here.


Texas is HUGE! There is no way that our firm headquartered in Northwest Louisiana would attempt to travel the entire State of Texas to defend our clients. There are excellent attorneys in West Texas near Midland or Lubbock, as well as in El Paso, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas. There are also some talented firms in East Texas, and we are one them.  As you can see from the map, Shreveport is only 20 minutes from the Texas border, so we can quickly respond to accidents or lawsuits in Texarkana to Tyler Texas or as far South as Nacogdoches.