Truckers Call 1-800 Number for Help!


Now there is an elite group of thousands of highly qualified businesses providing  truck services for truck drivers everywhere ANY TIME. This first national network is designed to benefit every truck driver by providing a convenient and trustworthy way to quickly find help. Included in the network is attorneys experienced in trucking defense, towing, repairs, tires, mobile mechanic, oil changes and more.

Simply call 800-TRUCK-HELP and select from a very short menu. You will instantly be connected to a truck help business.

Right now drivers must use various search methods to find various  businesses for help. If in unfamiliar territory, they don’t know who to contact or who to trust. 800-TRUCK-HELP phone provides  an instant connection to a network of reputable businesses that provide drivers the help they need, when they need it and where they need it.

The larger companies have a list of qualified vendors, but smaller companies with five to 100 tractors may not have nationwide list, so what do they do? Make multiple calls, get referrals and hope they get qualified vendors.

What if the DRIVERS or trucking companies  need immediate help following a serious accident? Do they know what to say, what to do?  They need experienced assistance without “shooting in the dark.” Trucking defense attorneys are already vetted, experienced attorneys so they will know that the person they are calling can help. 

Imagine  driver is traveling from point A to B and all of a sudden he needs to find a tire store or mechanic or tow truck… just call 800-TRUCK-HELP, select from a short voice menu and get instantly connected to the business providing  the service  needed in the area.
As each of the businesses continues to make clients aware of 800-TRUCK-HELP,  it won’t be long before the number becomes the standard phone number drivers call to get the the help needed.
Go ahead and try it. Call 800-TRUCK-HELP to check it out. In the meantime, if you need us, call us at 318-222-2426, 318-617-1960 or e-mail me at
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