Top Ten Verdicts Against Trucking !!

The following is the list of recent top ten verdicts involving 18-wheelers.* Obviously, these don’t include the cases that settled. Even though the verdicts are high, who knows if the plaintiff’s side was demanding much more. Fortunately, only one  of the top ten verdicts occurred in Louisiana.  Two were out of Illinois and two were out of Texas.


Note: the high verdicts were in SOUTH Louisiana. North Louisiana is still generally conservative. If you need information about the venues, judges or attorneys in North Louisiana, give me a call.
Now for the recent highest verdicts:
1.            $41,000,000 verdict (May 2010) (Kings County, NY): Insured’s utility truck vs. pedestrian crossing outside of crosswalk; single claimant, 52 year old sustained a moderate traumatic brain injury.

2.            $40,800,000 settlement (July 2011) (Portage County, OH): Multi-vehicle accident triggered by insured’s tractor trailer; multiple claimants, including one fatality, a 12 year old who sustained a severe traumatic brain injury and a 16 year old who sustained severe facial fractures – the three were mother, son and son / brother and brother.


3.            $40,175,000 verdict (September 2011) (Cobb County, GA): Insured’s tractor trailer vs. pick-up truck; single claimant, 45 year old fatality.

4.            $29,100,000 verdict (February 2011) (St. Charles Parish, LA): Insured’s pick-up truck vs. tractor trailer; two claimants – one claimant sustained burns to over 40% of his body surface and expired 9 days later with approx. 1 to 2 hours of Conscious pain and suffering, the other claimant sustained only soft tissue Injuries.


5.            $27,700,000 verdict (February 2012) (Cook County, IL): Insured’s tractor trailer vs. passenger vehicle; single claimant, 50 year old was rendered a quadriplegic and sustained a moderate traumatic brain injury.


6.            $24,000,000 verdict reduced by damages caps to $13,800,000 resulted in a $12,250,000 settlement (July 2011) (DeSoto County, MS): Insured’s tractor trailer vs. pick-up truck; single claimant, 16 year old sustained a mild to moderate Traumatic brain injury.


7.            $23,900,000 verdict resulted in a $17,500,000 settlement (September 2010) (Alameda County, CA): Insured’s ambulance vs. passenger vehicle; single claimant, 83 year old was rendered a quadriplegic.


8.            $23,775,000 verdict (March 2009) (Will County, IL): Multi-vehicle accident triggered by insured’s tractor trailer; three claimants – two fatalities, and the surviving claimant sustained severe orthopedic injuries.


9.            $21,500,000 verdict (May 2012) (Nueces County, TX): Insured’s passenger vehicle vs. passenger vehicle; single claimant, 36 year old was diagnosed post accident with a strained back but eventually underwent an L5-S1 laminectomy/fusion and an L4- L5 laminectomy (4 months post-loss, and arguably more likely related to a pre-existing degenerative condition).


10.          $20,900,000 settlement (March 2011) (Brazoria County, TX): Multi-vehicle accident triggered by insured’s pick-up truck; multiple claimants, including two fatalities with questionable conscious pain and suffering, and multiple bodily injury claimants, but none which were catastrophic.

Our goal here is to tenaciously defend the trucker and trucking company. Sometimes that means we have to try the case, but often times it means we work toward mediation/settlement. If the opposition is determined to squeeze for too much, then we try the case. That may cost money, but we look for ways to contain the costs if we can.

Defending trucking companies is not easy, but it’s highly rewarding. Most truckers are solid citizens who work hard for the day’s dollar. He is not hyped up on energy drinks or drugs, driving crazy. Yet, when an accident happens, it’s usually pretty serious. As you can see from these verdicts.
As always, if we can be of assistance to you in North Louisiana or Northeast Texas, please don’t hesitate to call day or night. We are here for YOU. Call anytime. If you need more information about the firm, check out our website at
* Credit goes to Mehdi Arradizadeh of Anderson Trucking Service in Minnesota for sending a list of the top 22 verdicts. If you would like a list of all 22, send me  message at and I will send the list to you IF you DEFEND trucking companies. If you file claims against them, sorry. I can’t help you.
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