Safer Roads Despite Increased Traffic


Photo Credit: Kansas City Star

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Mark Perkins

Over the past six decades the number of miles of paved roads in America has grown tremendously, but the number of traffic fatalities has actually fallen in the same span. Highway fatality rates were at record lows in 2009 according to federal transportation commission, reaching the lowest point since 1949 at 1.1 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles driven.
Improved safety in both roadways and cars are cited as the leading reasons for the decline in deaths. Examples include rumble strips and guard cables on highways and the presence of anti-lock brakes and multiple air bags in most new cars.

American commerce depends heavily on the roadway system, specifically the Interstate Highway System, and the thousands of semi-trucks and commercial trucks moving goods.  The news of these safety improvements will only encourage continued growth in commercial trucking and transportation.
One rising area for concern is ‘distracted driving’ that includes texting or using smart phones while driving. Some reports suggest that 20% or more of drivers are engaged in distracted driving. Impaired driving continues to be an area of concern as a high number of accidents related to drug and alcohol abuse.

The roads definitely safer—now if we can just tackle rush hour traffic.


* Garrick Infanger writes for the Forensic Engineering Hub, an engineering-focused blog sponsored by Armstrong Forensic Engineers.
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