Louisiana is NOT the Most Dangerous State to Drive, but It’s in the Top TEN!

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I have been swamped with work and traveling so I have not had the time (or energy) to research and draft a unique and personal post. I am providing you with a recent article By Mike Sauter from the Wall Street Journal about Top 10 most dangerous states to drive in! 
Louisiana is ranked 7th among the top of the most dangerous states to drive for the following reasons:
– Average auto fatalities per 100,000: 20.2
– Auto fatalities/year: 897 (15th most)
– Lifetime medical costs due to 1-yr. auto accidents: $7,363,795 (18th highest)
– Lifetime work loss costs due to 1-yr. auto accidents: $1,109,612,984 (8th highest)
– Pct. commuters traveling 30 mins. or more: 31.71% (22nd highest)

Louisiana had the seventh-highest annual average rate of auto injury fatalities per 100,000 residents from 2007 to 2009, at 20.2. The estimated lifetime work loss costs due to fatalities from accidents in one year exceeded $1.1 billion, which is eighth highest, according to CDC estimates. Though Louisiana’s traffic safety figures are alarming, the state is taking steps to remedy the situation. It is one of only 16 states with a mandatory ignition lock for all convicted drunk drivers, one of 18 to make helmets mandatory for all motorcyclists, and one of 32 with a primary seat belt law. The problem, it seems, are not the laws but ineffective enforcement. According to an NHTSA report, only 75.9% of Louisiana drivers wore seat belts in 2010, the lowest among all states with primary seat belt law.
How do you think your state compares and which states do you think are the most dangerous. I will post that information next week.
In the meantime, if you ever need any assistance in north Louisiana or northeast Texas, please don’t hesitate to call.
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