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A Regional Defense Law Firm.

Trucking / Employment / Workers' Compensation
Professional Liability / Commercial & Insurance Defense

Perkins & Associates, L.L.C
is a regional defense firm serving all of North Louisiana and Northeast Texas. The firm has earned the reputation as aggressive, well-prepared litigators. Tenacity, persistence and gumption establish success.

Total commitment to extraordinary service and dedication to providing added value to our clients distinguishes us from our competitors and has earned us loyalty, respect, repeat business, and referrals.

Unlike larger firms, Perkins & Associates, L.L.C., with its experienced lawyers and highly trained staff, strive to work more closely with its commercial, insurance, and corporate clients, as well as individual clients, by restricting the volume of client base and emphasizing the defense practice to the following:

You, the client, will benefit from our accessibility and assurance that the "contact" attorney will be the lead attorney. Our staff is comprised of highly trained, responsive professionals who will ensure that your concerns are immediately addressed. Also, the attorneys work with the client in a team effort to resolve disputes in the best interest of the client.

Our Basic Philosophy:



Perkins Law Firm

Perkins Law Firm

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